Happy 2016!

No matter who you were during the holidays, 2016 represents a fresh start for all of us. Wishing you peace, prosperity, and joy in the New Year.

Ready to start the year with a twinkle in his eye and, hopefully, a clean diaper.

Done with holiday shopping, wrapping, and gift-card writing before Halloween. Not smug about it at all.

Cookie. Season. Is. On. Owns two standing mixers. Singlehandedly responsible for the holiday bulge.

Gift list is a showcase of the latest tech releases. Sends clever digital cards. Has a genius idea for a start-up.

'Tis the season to mix and mingle. Works the holiday party circuit like a pro. Always knows exactly what to wear.

Can't wait for the holidays to end so he can get back to complaining about other things. Like the kids on his lawn.

Considers the holidays an aberration in the quarterly cycle. Those invoices aren't going to file themselves!

Prefers her "cheer" served with an umbrella, on a beach, under a palm tree. Responds to all holiday greetings with "Aloha!"

Gifts are over-the-top, and everyone's on the list. Including the bank teller.
And the neighbor's dog.

Every gift is homemade, hand stamped, house pickled, and locally sourced. Reputation as a glue gun sharpshooter.

Wears his team's jersey to dinner at mom's house. Doesn't miss a game. Not even during the holiday meal.

Loved what you gave him last year. So much he's giving it back to you this year. Doesn't think you'll notice.

Starts holiday shopping Dec. 24. Still hasn't booked his flight home. Suitcase contains dirty laundry—no gifts.